[coat/necklace: f21, dress: fashion store, socks: target, shoes: bakers, clutch: juicy couture]

Every girl needs one: an LBD (little black dress). There are a few items that will last forever in your closet no matter what season or year and this is one of them. This happens to be one of my favorite LBD because of its classic style and I like how it has a hint of shimmer. Totally me. ;D
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Flower-Accent Bags


big buddha, mia

big buddha, arlene

street level

big buddha, sasha clutch

street level

Flowers are making their way to purses now. It's a great way to add a touch of femininity to your outfit. Don't they almost look like petals popping out? The way that it's constructed reminds me of my draping class. I am currently working on a draping project and will definitely post up pictures once I'm done. You'll just have to wait and see ;D
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Pink N' Cool


[outfit: fashion store, shoes: bakers, bag: express, sunglasses: electric]

Here's an outfit post from my weekend trip to San Diego with the bf. Pink lace top with gray shorts kept me cool while it was burning hot in OC. The weather is just ridiculously hot. I guess this is the time when I wish I had a beach front home. Maybe in my next life...
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Paul's Deli


A hidden mom & pop shop that's down the street from me. The place has a friendly vibe of homeliness and during lunch rush, it can get busy. I haven't tried everything here but so far my top 3 faves are: hero sandwich (shown above), eggplant parmigiana, and cannolis (shown above). There's three different kinds of meats in the hero sandwich and has a bit of a sour taste if you don't mind. The eggplant parmigiana is a great alternative where you can enjoy pasta without meat (sometimes I want to be a vegetarian but it's so hard) and it's definitely better than the chicken parmigiana. Oh cannolis are the winner of the meal here (I'm a sweet tooth lover). The custard filling with bits of chocolate chips and crunchy outer layer that's dusted with powdered sugar - I continue to come back just for you. I've tried cannolis elsewhere and so far this place has beaten them all. If you're in the neighborhood and looking to try something new, come here.

CHECK IT OUT: Paul's Deli, 6936 Westminster Blvd, Westminster, CA
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Fashion's Little Black Book


Fashion + Dictionary + Diary = Fashionary, a sketchbook tailor-made for fashion designers. Penter Yip, a designer in Hong Kong has created an invaluable resource for both fashion students and designers. The first 34 pages are full of intensely useful information, ranging from important web links and fashion week dates to fabric types and definitions. The following 130 pages are very finely printed fashion templates - just the faint outline of a figure, so you can sketch your ideas quickly without worrying about the proportions of your figure. The beautifully constructed book is available in both Women's and Men's versions, for only about $20 shipped to the US. For more info, and to grab one before they sell out, click here.

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Sam Edelman







A strong eye for fashion and a refined hand for creation, characterized Sam Edelman shoes. Bringing more than 30 years of experience developing some of the most successful shoe collections in fashion history, founder Sam Edelman has honed his craft to deliver women's shoes that reflect his creative sensibility, marked by use of sensual textures, playful embellishment, and confident style.
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Yay I won again for Look of the Week on! Awwwwweeeesomeeeee!!! :D This is probably the best site out there for shoe lovers to showcase their looks. Not sure what shoe I will be choosing as the winning prize (there's so many), but I am more than happy to have won. Thank you Shoeternity!!

september 13–19, 2010

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and many thanks to Bakers:
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Gossip Girl style in Paris


[dresses: Oscar de la Renta]

[green Haute Hippie dress, studded Brian Atwood pumps, pink George Chakra Couture dress, blue Tibi cropped pants, Emilio Pucci metallic blazer]

One of my favorite things about watching Gossip Girl is their incredible taste in fashion. They just started their 4th season in the fabulous city of Paris. While being in the fashion capitol, one must look their best which B & S always do. Couture and glam 24/7. I like all of their looks except the last one worn by Serena in the blue Tibi cropped pants and Emilio Pucci metallic blazer - it doesn't seem to flatter her. Seems like it's one of those outfits that you look back on and ask, "what was I thinking?"

On the up side, Blair's dress totally stole the show and happens to be my favorite look. Can I borrow everything and be a princess for a day? ;)
Blair Waldorf Dressed In Oscar De La Renta In Paris, 2010
[dress: oscar de la renta pre-fall 2010, heels: christian louboutin, necklace: harry winston, pouchette: roger vivier]
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Business Minded


[cardy: kohl's, top: f21, skirt/belt: fashion store, sunglasses: electric, heels: bakers]

wore this outfit for my first day of internship. i'm so used to dressing business casual for my past jobs so it felt nice to get all dressed up again. i have a feeling it's the start of something stay tuned! :D
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Love This Look!


[dress: rodarte, shoes: charles david, clutch: dior]

Natalie Portman at the 67th Venice Film Festival in Italy. What first caught my eye was the detailed bodice and bold red color. Oh-my. All I have to say is WOW. She looks stunning from head-to-toe. Love it!
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Let's Add Socks


[dress: fashion store, cardy: kohl's, bag: express, socks: target, shoes: bakers]

i know it's a current fashion trend: pairing socks with your heels and boots. but i will admit at first i wasn't into it. after awhile though, i saw some cute outfits that did it justice (like my Dior post). which works out for me because i can still wear all my favorite dresses and still stay warm this winter. thank you fashion gods for always coming up with ways to still look stylish no matter what season.

in case you're wondering where i'm at, it's joe's italian ice (click here for my post on it).
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OMG what an exhilarating experience! I went wakeboarding for the first time last Sunday. It's kind of like snowboarding but you're on the water with a boat pulling you. It was a little challenging since you can't control the speed of the boat. I was really scared at first but, surprisingly, I got up on my first try! Eekssss that was an amazing feeling. You know when you feel terrified to do something and then you overcome your fear? Well that's exactly what happened to me. I've never been to the lake before and it was a very nice day to do outdoor activities. I liked wakeboarding and had a lot of fun. Something I will definitely do again. Just make sure to give some time to recover from being sore for the next couple days.

Here I am on my first attempt ever wakeboarding. I was in total shock that I got up and lasted a couple seconds haha :D

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BJ's round 2


ahi poke

avocado eggrolls

white peach mojito

You can usually find me spending some k+j time every Thursday enjoying happy hour somewhere. i know i've said it before but we really like their ahi poke appetizer so i highly recommend you trying it if you can eat raw fish. Since we eat it every time we come here now, I feel that we are ahi poke experts haha Seriously. This time around it tasted a little different and we came to the conclusion that the wonton chips weren't as fresh as usual. The avocado eggrolls are a yummy appetizer and I don't know if it's cuz it's filled with avocado, but I feel slightly healthier eating it haha As for the white peach mojito - our first time trying this - it was delicious! In case you don't know, I love mixed drinks that don't taste like alcohol and this one is very smooth and definitely has that peachy flavor. I'm not really a big fan of mint leaves in my drinks either so I usually ask for less leaves.

Try it, customize it, love it like we do.

Click here to see my other post on BJ's happy hour
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Juicy Couture

queen of couture daydreamer bag

luxe sequin daydreamer bag

brogue duchess bag

large chiffon pouchette

shimmer bow mini bag

20% OFF and free shipping with promo code: JCCHIC. Enjoy this discount while it lasts! :)

photo source -
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Fashion's Night Out


[outfit: fashion store, tights: target, boots: bakers, bracelet: icing, bag: express]

This was a very exciting day for me. I got to participate with Couture Beauty Team and be a part of the Fashion's Night Out fashion show at the Beverly Center in LA last Friday. There were special celebrity guest appearances (Ellen K, Mayor Villaraigosa, Will.I.Am, Angelica Houston, Perez Hilton, Stephanie Pratt, Mena Suvari, Sara Rue), gorgeous [and friendly!] models, and an amazing crew of makeup artist/hair stylists.

It was indeed a busy day with a million things going on. Nine brands, 20 models, and 45 looks for each showtime. I got the privilege of being able to watch the fashion show for first showtime and be backstage for the second showing. This was a great experience and I look forward to many more. Thank you Couture Beauty Team! :)
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