OCFW 2012: Fashion Designer Show


Outfit Details: dress c/o Lulus.com (still available here), Poppie Jones bag (from DSW), American Rag heels (from Macy's), F21 necklace, Charming Charlie watch bracelet

Show time was 8pm.
Designer call time was 1pm.

Sounds pretty early right? 7 hours before a show starts? Well, believe it or not, we needed it. I was moving nonstop the entire time (almost forgot to eat!) from checking model's hair/makeup to doing last minute touches on my dresses & jewelry designs. I didn't even have time to do my hair! (So please excuse the wild hair look lol) Even with all the craziness going on, I loved every moment of it and would totally do it all over again. <3

My super cool friends & family who came out to support my big night! Heart them!

Mmm...fresh fruits (basically my meal that day)

My dear friend Tiffani also came out to support! Our dress colors look good together, don't they?

I was so nervous during this designer interview! Omg I don't even remember what I said lol

with Student Competition 1st place winner Angela Wu and some of her creative designs - CONGRATS!

Project Runway's Gordana Gehlhausen's collection - so glamourous!

***SPECIAL THANKS to OC Fashion Association for organizing another amazing fashion show for OC Fashion Week at the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity inside the OC Mart Mix! Also, many thanks to everyone who helped put it together: fellow designers, models, hair/makeup artists, photographers, press/media, Project Runway celebrity guest judges (Michael Costello & Gordana Gehlhausen), production crew, kraft services, etc...this event couldn't have been successful without you! All your hard work and efforts are truly appreciated! :)

Shout out to my beautiful models [Blanca, Gemma, Denika, & Chelsy] who totally rocked my designs!!

***Be sure to check my Facebook for a video of my designs on the runway! THANKS to my little sisteroo Kaf for recording it!

For more pictures of this fabulous event (and amazing designs from other fashion designers, including Project Runway alums Michael Costello & Gordana Gehlhausen), check out:
Kimberly Luu Facebook (I created an OCFW album since there were so many pics!)

Sending love,

Instagram/Twitter Me: @kimberly_luu
P.S. For more outfit details of what I wore to this red carpet event, click here.
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On the Red Carpet - OC Fashion Week 2012

Outfit Details: dress c/o Lulus.com (still available here), Poppie Jones bag (from DSW), American Rag heels (from Macy's), F21 necklace, Charming Charlie watch bracelet

I've finally had some time to (semi) relax and sort through the endless amount of pictures from Saturday's OCFA's OC Fashion Week fashion show (try saying that 3 times fast). It was such a busy, hectic day for me that I didn't have any time for any social media updates (yup, no Twitter/Instagram/Facebook that day)! There's so many pics I want to share with you so I split them into separate posts. This one's about the red carpet photos and the next post will be pics from the fashion show.

Initially, I was going to design a dress for myself to wear but ended up finding this super cute Lulu's dress! Good thing because I did not have time to make another dress for the event (I'll save it for a future outting though). This Lulu's dress was so light and airy, easy to walk in, easy to move in, which was perfect because I was hustling and bustling throughout the show. So I knew I had to wear this dress. Why? Well because:
1) it was green [just like my birthstone and green's one of my fav colors to wear], and
2) the ruffly V-cuts + side cutouts sold me.

If you know me, you know I can't say no to a detailed dress (it must be the designer in me as I'm fascinated by these little things). So thank goodness I found the dress for my big night! ;)

Here are some more fun red carpet pics (enjoy!):
My #1 supporters: little sisteroos Kaf + Sus (not pictured) & Judybug <3

Amazing G [he printed my business cards that my bf designed - contact SGX Print if you need yours done] :)

Girlfriends [and fashion bloggers] Scarlet & Jo ;)

Don't the guys look so dashing? Very handsome!

Last, but not definitely least, the awesome bf! Xo

***MANY THANKS to all my friends and family who came out to support! It means a lot and I look forward to sharing more events with you! <3

Stay tuned: fashion show pics coming up on my next post!

Sending love,

 Instagram/Twitter Me: @kimberly_luu
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OCFW 2012: Summer Soiree


Outfit Details: dress c/o Sugarlips, Lulu's bag, F21 belt, DIY ring/necklace, Steve Madden heels

OC Fashion Association [creators of OC Fashion Week] held a Summer Soiree mixer last Friday for fashion lovers, creative students, and industry professionals at the OC Mart Mix in Costa Mesa. What a fun event and a great chance to mix and mingle with others! It was nice meeting new as well as reuniting with past, familiar faces. I was so busy chatting that I didn't even get to take that many pictures! Lol We did squeeze in a pic with actress/model Joell Posey who was also the lovely Mistress of Ceremonies for Saturday's fashion show (my design pics to come). She's actually wearing one of Project Runway alum Gordana Gelhausen's Goga designs (love the funky print)!

Be sure to check out OrangeCounty.com's coverage of the Summer Soiree event here! I'm in the 2nd photo with the talented menswear designer Rey Aquino ;)

Sending love,

P.S. For more outfit pictures, click here.
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Summer Whites


Outfit Details: dress c/o Sugarlips, Lulu's bag, Steve Madden heels

On Friday I attended OC Fashion Week's Summer Soiree at the OC Mart Mix in Costa Mesa (event pics to come)! What says summer better than wearing white right? I was so lucky enough to receive this beautiful white dress from Sugarlips just in time. It was so perfect for the occassion and I loved how flowy it was, especially how it moved every time I walked. I felt so graceful like a delicate flower haha 

I know there's the LBD (little black dress) but I think I've found the ultimate LWD (little white dress) every girl should have this summer. As you can see in the pictures I couldn't help but to keep twirling around. It was just that pretty! Something you're sure to fall in love with at first sight too. Doesn't the orange Lulu's bag perfectly compliment the outfit? It just gives it the right amount of added color and I loved how it stored all my necessities yet wasn't so big and bulky!

I seriously felt like I should've been at the Hamptons with this dress. Sighhh...maybe next time.

Sending love,

Instagram/Twitter Me: @kimberly_luu

P.S. Have you heard about Sugarlips yet?!? If not, click on the Sugarlips banner on the side of my blog to check out their stuff! They have free shipping so what have you got to lose? Click click away! :)

P.P.S. Yay I finished my fashion show for OC Fashion Week (will post pics asap)! Now I can breathe...
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Sneak Peek


Outfit Details: Sugarlips dress, Lulu's clutch, F21 belt/bracelets, DIY ring

Lots of picture to sort through from this weekend's extravaganza but I wanted to give you a quick sneak peek of tomorrow's post! ;) 

Hope you're having a good Sunday! I'm going to spend some time with family, try to catch that Ted movie (I think Batman will be too crowded so will have to wait til next week), and finish cleaning my room. So many things to do, so little time!

Until next time,
sending love,
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Food for Fridays: Mochilato, Irvine


That's right: it's a Food for Fridays post! I know it's been awhile [sorry] and it may have seemed like I had forgotten about these but nope, I didn't. Just been super busy with so many celebrations, vacations, and what-nots so I got a little sidetracked...but now I'm back with lots of good food to share! Ready? This week's Food for Fridays post is courtesy of my dearest Jud. She was craving this place and insisted we go (after the baby shower) and so we did.

Off the 5 freeway in Irvine is a little dessert place called Mochilato. I've actually heard about this place for maybe a year now but never went.

So what is a mochilato you may ask? It's a mochi ball (like a mochi ice cream - have you had those yummy balls?) but instead of ice cream, they put gelato inside. And voila! You get a mochilato! Mochi + getalo = mochilato. Creative huh? We tried half a dozen and they were all good. I think our fav was coconut? The only bad thing: you have to eat it really fast so we got a minor brain freeze haha

This cute place also sells macaroons. Mmm those are such a hit right now. I see macaroons e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e-e-e-e!!

Look at how happy Jud is! She was so excited to share this place with me and you know I can't say no to sweets...

Such a beauty isn't it? We shared this large shaved ice filled with all sorts of goodies! It was pretty good and I liked the variety of toppings. However, towards the end we got too full so we couldn't finish. Bummer. Sweet tooth was definitely satisfied though.

Another plus about this place? It's open pretty late AND they serve food! I think until 10pm (or maybe even later) which is good for me because I get those late night cravings (I could never do a diet - I like food too much). So next time you're in Irvine, stop by Mochilato! It's a great place to share with friends. There's cute decor (almost French-like) and indoor seating (kind of like long benches so you may have to share a table). With the endless dessert options, I'm sure you'll find one that'll meet your sweet tooth standards.

Bon appetit!~!

Sending love,

Instagram/Twitter Me: @kimberly_luu

P.S. I still have to take the bf here! He's a big sweet tooth lover too ;)

P.P.S. Like my outfit? More pics here.

P.P.P.S. Tomorrow's the BIG DAY for my fashion show! Eeekkksssss!! More info here.

CHECK IT OUT: Mochilato, 14310 Culver Drive, Irvine, CA. Tel: (949) 559-1116.
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