Neon Glow + Goodbye Google Reader


I don't know about you but summer just makes me want to wear bright colors! Maybe it's the sun shining or me thinking of beach days but this season I am loving the addition of something neon to my outfits.
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According to Kimberly x Penelope's Vintage (Part 2)


Remember my first look I styled with Penelope's Vintage here? The one with the red coat in the alley? Well this is my second outfit and just so happens to be one of my favorite looks this year!

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First, I have to say that I've been working on redoing my blog site design for a while now and FINALLY just finished it today! Oh my, after so many countless hours, I am so proud to have it up and running now - woohoo! Second, in conjunction with the celebration of my new blog design, I am hosting an Essie nail polishes giveaway c/o Stixie Beauty (yes, another collab that's even more exciting)!

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Dior Couture Exhibit


Just the other week, as I was walking around South Coast Plaza with the bf, I saw a sign about the Dior Exhibit and immediately stopped. Oh-my-gosh, how could I have almost forgotten about this? I've been wanting to check it out for weeks now and it just so happened that that day was the very last day. Call it a sign (literally) but I knew I had to go inside. Check out pictures of the Dior Couture Exhibit after the jump...

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Swim Spot's Ella Moss Bikini


When I was packing for my birthday cruise a couple weeks ago (see post here), the first thing that came to mind were bathing suits. I mean, what is a cruise if you are not lounging around in a cute bikini while soaking up the sun rays right?
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Foreign Exchange's "Spring FEver" x Pretty Little Liars Janel Parrish


Last month I attended the Foreign Exchange's "Spring FEver" event hosted by the beautiful Janel Parrish (aka Mona) from the hot TV show Pretty Little Liars.
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Happy 27th Birthday to my Kaffiekins!


YES, it is someone's special day today and this post is dedicated just for her!!
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Kendra Scott Boutique at Fashion Island


On a nice sunny SoCal day, I had the lovely privilege of attending the grand opening of the Kendra Scott Boutique at Fashion Island, Newport Beach.
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