EVENT RECAP :: Viet Fashion Week 2013


Let me take a brief moment and introduce you to something new and exciting that went on this month. For the first time ever, we had a fashion week that was exclusively for Vietnamese designers. Seven designers from all over the world were chosen to showcase their designs on a 200ft runway at Phuoc Loc Tho (otherwise known as the Asian Garden Mall at the center of Little Saigon). Each designer's collection portrayed their own unique sense of style...

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Outfit :: Red Lips and Leopard Prints


Some days are just busier than normal, you know? When you happen to have multiple events back-to-back and no spare time in between. You know what I'm talking about right? Well, this day was one of them. I had a work event in the OC and then afterwards a show in LA. So what do you wear? In a case like this, find something that's transitional from day to night... 

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FASHION EVENT :: Style Week OC 2013 [Irvine Spectrum]


On a perfect SoCal evening, I attended the grand opening night of Style Week OC at the Irvine Spectrum with my fellow OC fashion bloggers. The utterly fabulous and hilariously entertaining Nick Verreos from Project Runway did such an amazing job hosting the event. He even gave a shout-out to all of us bloggers and recognized me & Amanda from this other event HERE. It's such a small world, I tell you. Anyways, if you weren't able to attend Style Week OC, don't worry I got you covered! Keep reading to see pictures from the fashion shows from Macy's, Brandy Melville, Lucky Brand, Windsor, Bebe, and more...

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SNEAK PEEK :: Something Edgy


Hi there! Keeping it really short in this post and giving you a sneak peek of one of my next outfit posts. Here I wore something a little edgier and can't wait to show you the whole look! Stay tuned for my next post for outfit details. 

Hope you're having a great week - it's finally Wednesday (yay!). Some words of wisdom?

"Time is the most precious thing in life, everyone wants more. So don't waste time on people or things that don't deserve it."

Live your life the way you want to live it. Simple as that.

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:: Remember to help spread breast cancer awareness this October! Are you wearing the pink sparkling bracelet? Join the #FASHIONwithaCAUSE movement and get yours today HERE. ::

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Outfit :: Fall in the OC


So far, this is what "fall" in OC looks like. Yup. Pretty much like summer except with a little more layers. Usually this type of sheer top would look great with a cutout bralette but since it's slightly colder now, I wore it with a tank top underneath. It's also a good time to bust out those sneaker wedges my friends because - yes - it's still trending this season! Want to see more? Keep reading...

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FASHION FRIDAY :: ATK x Serene Sky Boutique


Ready for some big and exciting news? Remember my pink sparkling bracelet I made HERE for October's Breast Cancer Awareness Month? Well, I teamed up with the super sweet owners behind the cute new online store Serene Sky Boutique to exclusively sell my pink sparkling bracelet and I couldn't be happier...
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EVENT RECAP :: BlogTopia!


Never heard of this? Of course not, this was its first year! Allow me to spill you in on all the details of what is BlogTopia! First off, this was taken place at the South Bay Galleria. Second, funnyman Nick Verreos from Project Runway hosted it (and he never disappoints). Third, it was pretty cool - there were hair demos, fashion talk, henna tattoos, food sampling (you know I love food), and more! Click below to keep reading for details and pictures from the event...

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Outfit :: So Long Summer


It's officially fall right? Well, with this crazy heat wave going on, one would not believe it. So what do I do? Make use of some of my summer outfits I didn't get to wear yet. Including this number. Its airy, lightweight fabric made it easy for the wind to blow through and keep me cool while I enjoyed a nice scoop of ice cream on this hot, hot day. Okay, make it two...

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Fall's approaching but it's not quite here yet. It's still pretty hot during the day but getting a lot cooler at night. So what do you do? Throw on a jacket - not just any jacket but a biker jacket - to help transition from summer mornings to fall evenings. Lucky for you, it's Wishlist Wednesdays and here are a few of my current fave biker jackets you can get right now...

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FASHION WITH A CAUSE :: Breast Cancer Awareness Jewelry


It's the 1st of October and you know what that means: it's Breast Cancer Awareness Month! To celebrate, I joined forces with two of my awesome fashion bloggers to help spread awareness. Of course we had a pink theme and are now all excited to share with everyone our new project! This month's featured item is the pink sparkling bracelet that we're all wearing. Keep reading for more details on how to get one yourself...

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