OUTFIT / FANCY FRIDAY :: Dressed Up Shorts + Skin Again GIVEAWAY


 It's that time again for a new Fancy Friday post and another bloggie-birthday-7-day-giveaway (well, aren't you lucky?)...

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OUTFIT / FANCY FRIDAY :: Lady in Red + a House of Harlow 1960 GIVEAWAY


Tuesday was my actual birthDAY and now I have a treat for you (hint hint: it's another giveaway)...

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OUTFIT :: This Bloggie Turns 4 + a Nail Polish GIVEAWAY


 Happy 4th birthday to my little bloggie and what better way to celebrate than with a giveaway extravaganza!...

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OUTFIT :: Peplum with a Peep


Wow the weather is just ridiculously crazy in the late 90's/early 100's isn't it? Oh-my-gosh! To think it's not technically "summer" yet either, yikes - we are in for one hot heat wave coming. You know what that means, dressing less is more in this case...

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OUTFIT :: An Organized Mess


Happy Monday everyone! Hope you had a great Mother's Day yesterday with your moms. Since my birthday is coming up (next week actually), I've decided to make some changes and prepare for this monumental new era. First things first is cleaning my room (aka start donating clothes) and organizing my hard drive (there's just way too many pictures!). As I was sorting my hard drive I found these shots the bf took when we had a mini date in LA the other month. Hence, today's outfit post on being an organized mess...
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OUTFIT / FANCY FRIDAY :: Modern Day Cleopatra


Welcome to my new segment Fancy Friday! It's my birthmonth and I wanted to start something fresh so here it is. Plus it seems like all week long we wait for Friday to come so we can go out, relax, and have some fun. Now let's get this Fancy Friday started...
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OUTFIT :: Pantone's Color of the Year in Radiant Orchid


When I found out that Pantone's 2014 Color of the Year was radiant orchid, I was pretty excited. Why? For multiple reasons that's why! #1: I love purple. #2: It is the color of royalty (and who doesn't like to feel like a princess every now and then?). #3: Everyone looks good in purple (period). Now keep on clicking to see more of this gorgeous purple open back dress...
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FEATURE :: Derby Days with KTLA


Last Friday I woke up super early for a KTLA 5 tv segment with hilarious news reporter Allie Mac Kay. Our call time was at 5am so that meant sleep was going to be sacrificed but it was worth it. We all met up at the fancy Los Angeles Athletic Club in LA where the filming and action took place. Since this past weekend was the actual Kentucky Derby, we got to be a part of their special KTLA 5 fashion segment showcasing Derby style featuring local Los Angeles designers from the Los Angeles Fashion Council...
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OUTFIT :: Coachella 2014 Weekend 2 - Boho Festival Style


Now for my last outfit for Coachella Day 3 (*sigh*) I brought out that hippie/boho/wild child for that free spirited girl who always up for spontaneous adventures (and that's just what the day entailed)...
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