Feeling Grey


frost yourself! i love things that sparkle.

top/skirt: f21

it was one of my friend's bday and so i wanted to wear something easy to move/dance in. i forgot i had this purple/grey striped skirt that i bought maybe a month ago (i tend to do this haha) and the stripes reminded me of my grey heels. i figured this was the perfect time to wear them both. why not right? add some bling and i was ready to go!

*sorry the pictures are blurry. i think i am going to invest in one of those professional looking cameras. if u have any recommendations (budget $450-500), please let me know. =)


  1. Buy a Nikon SLR around november or december, because thats when its on sale for $500. If you don't want to fork out that much you can settle for a Canon S90 or Canon S95. Its a poor man's version of a SLR, but its a point-n-shoot. I tested it out once and the pictures turned out beautifully as if it was taken by a SLR.

    Hope that helps.

  2. hi marilyn, i just saw ur message. thanks for the info! very helpful. i will definitely wait a little then for the sale. can't wait to own one :D


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