#dinewithATK :: Get Your Dessert Fix at Polar Playground, Huntington Beach


So I know I've been "absent" from here for quite awhile but it's for good reason...
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#ATKBrideToBe :: Temucula Wine Tasting Bachelorette Party


About this time last year, I was considered still engaged and a "bachelorette"...
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OUTFIT :: Orange You Happy


Today's topic that comes to mind is this: what makes you happy?...
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RECAP :: Newport Beach Wine & Food Festival 2018


It's back and boy, was it gooooood...
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#ATKBridetoBe :: 5 Things to Plan Ahead for your Wedding Morning


Your wedding day is here so how do you prepare for it?...
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STYLE WEEK OC :: Fall 2018 Beauty & Fashion Tips


Attended Style Week OC 2018 over the weekend and girl, do I got some beauty/fashion tips for ya...
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DINE :: 5 Places to Eat in Kauai


To travel somewhere new is nice but to eat good food there, well that's even better. Am I right? 

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Recap :: Summer 2018 Highlights


Well this summer is sure going by in a blink of an eye, isn't it?

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