Engagement Rings for the Romantic


You've been in a relationship for some time and now ready for the next step...

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Saturday Brunch at Andrei's in Irvine


Attention fellow foodies: there's a new brunch spot in town...

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Top 5 Things to Do in Kauai


If you've never been to Kauai before, don't worry I'm breaking it down for you...

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After We Said 'I Do'


 So it's been 4 months since we legally said "I do"...

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A Boost of Inspiration


In need of some inspiration? I've got something for you...

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Taking a Pause


Plans change, things don't go the way you want, life just happens...

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End of Summer Goals


WOW! Is summer really ending already?...

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Let the Sun Shine


Summer is still here and it's not going anywhere...

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Grand Opening: Dough & Arrow + Milk Box Bar


Two fantastic shops are having their GRAND OPENING today (08/05th) in the heart of OC...

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