3 Ways I Celebrated the Lunar New Year 2019


Last Tuesday 02/05th marked the start of the Lunar New Year aka the Year of the Pig for 2019...
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ATK Monthly Faves :: January 2019


Ending the last day of January 2019 with lots of good stuff for ya...
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Why Having Less Friends is More


Been debating what to talk about for this week's blog post and a GNO inspired this conversation...
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RECAP :: Le Diner En Blanc OC 2018


Gather under the stars for a night like no other...
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LIFE :: Setting Goals with Intention


With the new year comes new goals, am I right?...
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RECAP :: Best of 2018 Monthly Highlights


{photo by Encor Studios}
HAPPY 2019 EVERYONE! But, before I start the new year, let's take a quick look back...
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#dinewithATK :: Get Your Dessert Fix at Polar Playground, Huntington Beach


So I know I've been "absent" from here for quite awhile but it's for good reason...
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#ATKBrideToBe :: Temecula Wine Tasting Bachelorette Party


About this time last year, I was considered still engaged and a "bachelorette"...
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OUTFIT :: Orange You Happy


Today's topic that comes to mind is this: what makes you happy?...
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