First Outing as a Family of 4


Been mostly hibernating indoors but we finally made it outside, together, as a family of 4...
Our little Kay is still in the newborn stage which means she is still fragile with her immune system still developing. So we have been cautious and trying to avoid extra crowded places with her, just to be safe. 

But, we did venture out a couple weeks ago to snap some quick fall photos with pumpkin decor. As a "new-mom-again," you can't help but to feel overprotective and extra worried for your little one when going in public. Like, total Mama Bear status.

So I wanted to go somewhere that was outside and less crowded than usual pumpkin patch places. Hence, Bella Terra was the perfect spot. I like how you can park nearby, walk a couple minutes, and then be at their main grass area where they set up seasonal photo backdrops for the public to take pictures at. Bonus? It's FREE and you can't beat that. We literally went and took our photos in a couple minutes and was done in no time. Super easy breezy as it gets!

Where do you like to take family pumpkin patch photos?

Last year we took them at Pumpkin City at Westminster Mall (just realized I didn't share a blog post on that and we liked it)! But I do have this blog post here sharing 5 other pumpkin patch photo ops in Orange County to check out. So if you haven't gotten your pumpkin photos yet, don't worry there's still time!

As always, thanks for reading and sending you air hugs!

Check it out: Bella Terra, 7777 Edinger Ave., Huntington Beach, CA 92647

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