BJ's round 2


ahi poke

avocado eggrolls

white peach mojito

You can usually find me spending some k+j time every Thursday enjoying happy hour somewhere. i know i've said it before but we really like their ahi poke appetizer so i highly recommend you trying it if you can eat raw fish. Since we eat it every time we come here now, I feel that we are ahi poke experts haha Seriously. This time around it tasted a little different and we came to the conclusion that the wonton chips weren't as fresh as usual. The avocado eggrolls are a yummy appetizer and I don't know if it's cuz it's filled with avocado, but I feel slightly healthier eating it haha As for the white peach mojito - our first time trying this - it was delicious! In case you don't know, I love mixed drinks that don't taste like alcohol and this one is very smooth and definitely has that peachy flavor. I'm not really a big fan of mint leaves in my drinks either so I usually ask for less leaves.

Try it, customize it, love it like we do.

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