Gossip Girl style in Paris


[dresses: Oscar de la Renta]

[green Haute Hippie dress, studded Brian Atwood pumps, pink George Chakra Couture dress, blue Tibi cropped pants, Emilio Pucci metallic blazer]

One of my favorite things about watching Gossip Girl is their incredible taste in fashion. They just started their 4th season in the fabulous city of Paris. While being in the fashion capitol, one must look their best which B & S always do. Couture and glam 24/7. I like all of their looks except the last one worn by Serena in the blue Tibi cropped pants and Emilio Pucci metallic blazer - it doesn't seem to flatter her. Seems like it's one of those outfits that you look back on and ask, "what was I thinking?"

On the up side, Blair's dress totally stole the show and happens to be my favorite look. Can I borrow everything and be a princess for a day? ;)
Blair Waldorf Dressed In Oscar De La Renta In Paris, 2010
[dress: oscar de la renta pre-fall 2010, heels: christian louboutin, necklace: harry winston, pouchette: roger vivier]


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