top/belt/tights/bag: fashion store, jacket: volcom, shoes: anne michelle, necklace: icing

"Fashion is not about wearing branded things. But it's about simple things that you can wear to make it spectacular!"

Wise words indeed! I am not the type of girl who needs fancy labels and expensive things to make me happy. I enjoy the little things in life and fashion, which is always changing, is something that I feel can be beautiful at any price. :))

Here's a good shopping advice: invest your money in clothes that you feel you can wear years from now and buy current trendy items for cheap. This definitely applies to myself because I tend to wear it maybe once or twice and then forget about it because I have so much clothes. So I am now on a plan to recycle my wardrobe items more often and cut back on impulsive spending. We'll see how long this works haha


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