Fashion's Night Out - Backstage


(this one came out too white boooo)

Last month I attended Fashion's Night Out held at the Beverly Center in Los Angeles with Couture Beauty Team. I was one of the fortunate ones who got to experience the fashion show and be backstage because there were two show times. For the first show I was lucky enough to be in the press box so I had a great view of the fashion show. Probably the best unpaid seats in the house haha

When the second show time came I got to be backstage to see what goes on "behind the scene." Boy, is it very fast paced back there. Models quickly running from one side of the stage to the other to get to their stylist to change wardrobe, MUA doing last minute touch-ups, and models getting their game face on. Even through all the madness, we still had some fun taking pictures and doing video clips. I'm pretty sure I'll see these gorgeous model faces again and hope to work with them on other projects because they were so nice.

Backstage was crazy chaotic but I loved it. I like the pressure of having a million things to do because in the end, after everyone has worked together, it feels that much more amazing to see what we all accomplished. Great job to Couture Beauty Team (heart them!), LA (hot) Models, and staff for putting together not one - but two - incredible fashion shows at the Beverly Center! :)

For my other post on the Fashion Night Out event and fashion show pics, click here.

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