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Volcom Fringe Binge Bag

Hello, my name is Kimberly and I have a problem. Whenever I shop for a friend's bday gift, I tend to want to also buy one for myself. Ay-yah! Since I am on a conserving/recycling mode, I have limited some of my impulse shopping habits. So I decided to only (well, try hard to only) purchase items that I do not currently have something similar to in my closet. Thinking like this has actually cut down on my impulse spending.

I don't just buy things just because anymore. But I could not resist getting myself the Volcom fringe binge bag I got for my friend for her bday.
#1: I do not have anything like that in my closet.
#2: I saw it at the store about a month and almost bought it but restrained myself. So when I saw it again a month later, it was like destiny telling me that I should get it this time. Meant to be you know.
#3: I am very particular with my purses (I don't like big bags-they're too heavy for me, I don't like small bags-needs to be big enough to hold my basic necessities, etc) and this one fits all my criterias AND it turns into a clutch so I can also wear it for clubbing.

Therefore, you see why I had to get it? :")

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