Manolo Blahnik


During Style Week I went to Fashion Island for Manolo Blahnik's special appearance inside Neiman Marcus. They had a whole corner section dedicated to his shoe line. It was pretty nice inside and I've never seen something like this before. They had live models, petite snacks and men serving refreshments. WOW they went all out didn't they?

I noticed a long line of women standing and waiting to get their Manolo's signed. As I looked around to see the different styles of shoes, I knew it was out of my current budget. Hundreds of dollars for just one pair of shoes? Gulp. Sorry that's not me, at least not at this point. But you do get what you pay for. More expensive = better quality, craftsmanship, and uniqueness.

In one of the Sex and the City episodes when Carrie Bradshaw was being robbed, she pleaded, "Please sir, you can take my Fendi baguette, you can take my ring and my watch, but don't take my Manolo Blahniks."


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