Peter Pan


[dress: fashion store, shoes: bakers, bag: volcom]

Went with the bf to watch Peter Pan at the OCPAC. The play was staged in a 360 degree dome so every seat had a good view. One of my favorite part of the show was when they flew in the sky - it looked like so much fun. (I like acrobatic stuff. I took an aerial tissu class before and picked it up naturally. I think it's the gymnast in me haha) The actors did a great job and it was interesting that the dad also played Captain Hook. Talk about versatility. Bravo for him! I was a little disappointed though that Tinkerbell, which is one of my fav Disney characters, was a little annoying. Idk why they made her seem that way. And her costume (white beater and pink tutu) did not match the storybook's character. If I had known sooner, I would've made a better costume for her. In GREEN. All in all, it was a fun date night.

Happy Friday!

For cheap tickets, click here.

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