Food for Fridays: Cliff House, SF


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Continuing on with the San Fran trip...

Our second day there we took the Muni bus across town to the Cliff House restaurant. A friend recommended this place to me and the restaurant really was on top of a cliff, next to the waters. It had an amazing view of the sunset horizon. Quite romantic, I must say, having dinner with pretty views of the colors in the sky. I did have more pictures to share with you, but as I mentioned before, I had an unfortunately camera incident that deleted half of my trip pictures so no food pics. :( I'm still slightly bummed from it. Guess they'll remain as "mental pictures" for me. Or, the best solution, the bf and I can go back to SF and redo our trip with a better camera huh? haha that'd be too funny but no...we have a new list of other places we want to check out for next time. Surprisingly, I thought we could go to all the places we wanted to go in three days but that didn't happen. If anything, I look forward to our next trip there (whenever it may be) because there are so many things to see/try/do in San Francisco. I loved it there!

1. Belgian Endive Salad (green apples, bleu cheese, pecans, walnut oil vinaigrette) - the bleu cheese here is really strong. The bf said it's because they use really good quality bleu cheese. He educates me on food since he's my chef. It's always nice to learn something new.
2. Braised Lamb Shank (Israeli couscous, dried apricots, currants, fig, cranberry, toasted almond, arugula) - very good. I used to not like lamb but recently became accustomed to the taste. This one was indeed flavorful.

For more information about the Cliff House, click here.

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