Food for Fridays: Cozy Cable Car Cafe, SF


I've decided that since it's the weekend, everyone is probably getting ready for dinner dates or birthday parties or something else to celebrate. Which is why I wanted to share some food places on Fridays that, if you're curious, you can go taste for yourself. It's almost the weekend so go out, explore, and try something new! :)

For today's post, the Cozy Cable Car Cafe is a little restaurant in Union Square that my bf and I tried out in San Francisco (if you're local, you may have already eaten here).

1. Cable Car Tuna Melt with sun-dried tomato, avocado & cheddar cheese on wheat bread - easy to eat and yummy. Not too heavy which is a plus.
2. Curry Crepe with chicken in homemade curry sauce - very interesting eating curry inside a crepe. Funky at first but I kind of like it. If you don't like "funky" then try the chicken pesto crepe (that was our second choice).
Reminder: the bf and I were up for "daring" food choices during this trip. We felt like being adventurous in a new city hehe

Happy Friday Everyone!

CHECK IT OUT: Cozy Cable Car Cafe, 519 Powell Street, San Francisco, CA 94108. Tel: (415) 982-3097

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