Food for Fridays: Tantulum, LBC


[dress: from years ago, coat/boots: f21, clutch: juicy couture]

Hidden in the LBC (Long Beach City for any out-of-staters) is this restaurant called Tantulum with a beautiful bay/port view. Sorry if it's hard to see with my crappy camera (yes I still need a new one) but maybe that's a good thing: you can be more amazed in person. So I won't say much about the decor.

I actually went here with my dear friend, Tram, back in December and forgot to blog about it. Or maybe I wanted to keep it a secret because I wanted to take another friend (who reads my blog daily) here as a surprise but someone else recently took her. Boo. The cat's out of the bag. Anyways, so now I can share it with you!

Happy Hour Menu:
1. Kobe burger - delicious! The meat in the burger was so goooood
2. Sweet potato fries - yummy! I like to order these at restaurants whenever I get the chance. More places should have this. So much better than regular fries hehehe
3. Whitefish - umm...a little bland for me. I like things salty. My friend said this other fish dish is better but, sadly, they took it off the menu.
4. House white wine - not too strong, not too sweet. The perfect combo for me.

Bon appetit!

For more information about Tantulum, click here.

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