Food for Monday: Mother's Market Cafe


Sorry there was no post on Friday, but I didn't forget! Did I not mention that it's been a crazy week -if not month so far- for me? But don't worry, I'm hanging in there and will continue posting goodies.

On another random day with my dearest Jud, we decided to eat at Mother's Market since I've never been there before. I only previously heard that it had healthier options for groceries, especially for vegans.

1. Sliced bananas - perfect way to start any day. Always a favorite!
2. Grilled vegetable quesadilla - yummy! It has zucchini, eggplant, and green chiles so what's not to love?
3. Avocado & cheese sandwich + brown rice - very light and...different. Sandwich tasted super fresh (sad no mayo) and we were not used to the taste of brown rice. Please note that it is a healthy meal so that's the plus side of it.

Overall, I would still come back. I really like how they have vegan food options, which is great for days when I don't feel like eating meat. They also have a cool Juice Bar where they make fresh juices, smoothies, and shakes from your choice of fruits and vegetables. After you enjoy your meal, you can let your food digest while you walk around the store and shop for some organic products. Win-win.

Sending love,

CHECK IT OUT: To find your nearest Mother's Market, click here.


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