Volcom Swim 2012 Fashion Show


[top: closet find, shorts: gift from the bf, cardy: kohl's]

Last Thursday, Volcom partnered up with ELLE Magazine to bring together an incredible fashion show for Volcom's Swim 2012 collection. I had the ultimate pleasure to help backstage with the CBT crew and then watch the fashion show as a guest with my dear Jud. For me, it's always exciting to see how everyone preps for the fashion show "behind the scenes" and then watching it live on stage. Especially when the music starts, the lights come on, and then the models start strutting the clothes, I appreciate all the hard work put into the event more.

Interestingly though, the look for the Volcom Swim 2012 fashion show felt very retro. It was definitely something different from the usual glamorous fashion shows I've been to. However, different can be a good thing as the atmosphere was very relaxed and everyone was enjoying the moment. Even the models had fun wearing the short, bold wigs as they striked a pose while snapping pictures onto their cell phones. Funny side note: all the blondes ended up with black wigs and all the brunettes had blonde wigs. What a contrast huh?!?

Being backstage, I couldn't help but to notice the garments. Before the show started I already knew which bathing suits I wanted to get. My favorite is the 8th pic down (red, white, & blue) - I have my eyes on you and will be sporting you next year! That seems so far away doesn't it? Luckily, this amazing collection will be available starting November. Only a couple months away...I guess I can wait. ;)

Many special thanks to:
*SDP and CBT for organizing the models and making them look fabulous!
*POSSO (meaning: "I can") for providing the music and keeping the energy alive
*Bertenzen for sponsoring drinks for the event. Jud and I had tried the pear flavor and we likey.

Sending love,

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