Feeling Chilly...Willy


[dress: bcbg, heels: steve madden, necklace: express]

Oddly, the weather was a little cold the other day even with the sun slightly out. To keep warm, I wore my jean dress I recently found when I was cleaning my closet (a never-ending project *sighhhh*). Apparently I've had it for years but never wore it! Fact: clothes sometimes get lost in my closet and I end up finding it weeks/months/years later with it still in the store bag. Anyone else guilty of this? Or is it just me? I must say, though, that I found a LOT of bags with clothes still in them during my mini summer-closet-cleaning-moment. While it is exhausting to clean all the time, it's well worth it once everything's neat and "in its place." Slightly OCD? Maybe...

Moral of the story: cleaning is definitely a good thing. After all, I just did some free shopping! ;)

Sending love,

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  1. You look amazing!! Love the dress!!



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