Disney's California Adventure 2011


On the first day we used our Disneyland Passport, we went to both Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure. We couldn't resist and were so eager to try rides on both themes parks. Our favorite thing here is the Bug show: It's Tough Being A Bug. It's super cute! There was also the new ride featuring my favorite Disney princess, Ariel. I was singing along to the songs and the bf thought I was a little crazy. Sometimes when you're in the moment, who cares right? As for the scariest ride, it was definitely the Hollywood Tower. Can you tell from my reaction in the picture? I was holding on for dear life. The bf really liked it but all that up & down threw me off and made me dizzy. In my defense, I do get a little motion sickness so fast moving rides are no bueno for me. :( Good thing there's always those motion sickness medicine. Never tried it but maybe I'll look into it...

Happy Thursday my dears!

Sending love,

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