[gown: Nicole Miller, heels: c/o Bakers, sequin jacket: Volcom]

Want to know a secret? One of my favorite things to do is dressing up - it's the fun part of being a girl. Oh how I love planning out what to wear for a birthday, wedding, GNO (Girl's Night Out), etc. Whenever one of those occasions pop up, images of outfits quickly flash through my mind. Hmm...what am I going to wear? Then it hits me and I have just the outfit!

Here I am wearing a floor-length Nicole Miller gown with black lace-back heels and a sequin crop jacket. Something simple and elegant for a fall family wedding. Now I usually have my hair down and curled but I decided to change it up a bit by having an up-do. Can you tell I did my own hair? Not too shabby right? (I only had 10 minutes.)

Random fun fact: In high school, I used to do my gf's hair for winter formal and prom. Idk why she would ask me because I really didn't have any experience but I can't say no, you know? Thank goodness it turned out well and she liked it! Phew!

Sending love,

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