Food for Fridays: Las Brisas, Laguna Beach


Anyone heading to the beach this weekend? Well, if you are in the Laguna Beach neighborhood and craving some tacos, come check out Las Brisas with its amazing beachfront view!

1. Ultimate Leblon Caipirinhas (nope, I don't know how to say that either! haha) - I liked it! But drinker beware cause it's also a little stronger than you'd think.
2. Mango ceviche - a tropical twist to the regular shrimp ceviche. I'm not a crazy mango person so I kind of prefer the normal ceviche better.
3. Fish tacos - pretty good but also not enough. Two tacos won't fill me up. Another serving please!
4. Pina colada -light and easy to drink. How Jud & I ended our brunch date ;)

FYI we sat outside in the patio here and there's valet parking but it fills up quickly (hence, limited parking). Also, it is a little pricier than what you'd normally pay but it comes with a scenic view so yeah...Oh! Their nachos also looked really good but we were too full to order it. Maybe you can try it!

Bon appetit!~!

Sending love,

CHECK IT OUT: Las Brisas, 361 Cliff Drive, Laguna Beach, CA. Tel: (949) 497-5434.

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