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As a Glamour Mag twitter follower, I saw their tweet above and clicked on it. Then, to my surprise, I noticed my picture on their feature for The 5 Best Outfits of the Week. At first I was in shock and had to look twice because I thought I clicked on something wrong. But after clicking "refresh" a couple times, I realized it was me! Apparently Glamour is giving readers a chance to vote for their favorite "Wild Child" outfit. Glamour chose me, SJP, Jen, Miley, and Dree for this week's Wild Child theme. I love how we all have different, unique styles! Fashion is so fun isn't it?

To vote for your favorite look (*crossing fingers* that it's me), click on the poll here.

THANKS GLAMOUR for this lovely surprise! <3

Sending love,

P.S. I'm still in awe and super estatic! :))

P.P.S. Hope you're having a great Labor Day so far and enjoying the weird weather. Today in SoCal we had rain, sun, clouds, sprinkles, and now sun again. It's like all the four seasons in one!

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