ParaKate Concert


Went on a double date to the ParaKate Concert at Yost Theater last Friday. In case you don't know (I didn't at first), ParaKate stands for Parachute + Kate Voegele. I was a little bummed I forgot to record the "99 Times" song as Kate was performing but at least I got to see it live.

It was also my first time hearing Parachute. One of the performers on the guitar (the one with the long hair) from Parachute kept making me laugh because he was so into it and his hair was swaying everywhere. Seriously. Everywhere! He looked crazy but it was still cute.

What about you? Do you like to go to concerts? I do! There is something about watching an artist perform live...maybe it's the big lights and crowded energy but it's always amazing! My favorite concert, by far, is still Miss Britney Spears. That woman can sure entertain!

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