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[top: closet find, leggings: f21, vest: self-made, heels: qupid, bag: coach]

A couple weeks ago I went to OCFA's Style Blogging lecture series for OC Fashion Week. Our featured guest speakers included: Heather Petrey of LA Fashion Snob (FYI she's not a snob at all and makes these cute fascinators), Sandra Mendoza-Daly of Debutante Clothing & Vintage Find It, Christopher Luu of JuliB & FashionTrendsDaily, Michelle Tyree of FashionTrendsDaily, and Monica Otero of EspressoandStilettos.

I really enjoyed hearing their thoughts and what they had to share. It was also a great opportunity to meet some other fellow fashion bloggers in the community. There are many bloggers out there but it's nice to personally meet them the old fashion way you know?

*Special thanks to OC Fashion Association for putting this together, Hotel Harford for providing the venue (super chic boutique hotel in Costa Mesa!), and all the speakers for their time and advice!

Sending love,

P.S. Aren't these shoes eye-catching? I spotted Aryn wearing them and was totally fascinated by them! Isn't she a cutie?


  1. LOVE IT!!! Thank you so much for the lovely write-up :)


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