What to Wear for NYE


What are you doing for NYE? Any big celebrations to ring in the new year? Whatever it is, you want to look your best so here are some NYE dress options to fit your personality. Which girl are you?

For the girl who like embellishments: Sue Wong dress, $368

For the girl who likes things simple and sophisticated: Chin dress, $168

For the girl who likes to sparkle and shine: Aidan Mattox dress, $330

For the girl who likes a unique design: Aidan by Aidan Mattox dress, $168

For the girl who likes things unexpected: Renzo & Kai dress, $539

For the girl who can't resist lace: BCBG Maxazria dress, $298
images via Nordstrom

Choices...choices...choices. I can seriously picture myself as all of the girls above and could wear any of the dresses! So how do you decide on just one? Well, it ultimately depends on what you'll be doing for NYE. So whatever you're NYE plans are, don't be afraid to go a little bold and daring. Why not? Just have fun with it and celebrate!

Sending love,


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