It Was A Sign


When there's a sign, you take it. And this was clearly a sign for me!

Every year I get a new planner - it's my ultimate way of organizing my schedule, events, birthdays, happy hour nights...basically, my life (I'm serious. If you saw it, you'd be's very neat & colorful). So finding the perfect planner is really important to me. After all I'm going to be looking at that thing for an entire year so I better like it right?

While searching through planners at multiple stores, nothing really appealed to me. Then I stumbled across this one. Now I'm not really a "pink" person (it's too girly for me) but I do love purple. I usually would bypass this planner since it was so pink but something in me said to open it and look inside. And so I did. It hit me right away and I instantly fell in love with it. Why? Well the planner totally matched my blog card that's why! Pretty crazy how close it matches huh? If that's not a sign, I don't know what is!

Lesson learned: always be open for the unexpected. Always! Or you might just miss something good.

Sending love,

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