[shirt/vest: f21, skirt: foreign exchange, tights: target, heels: bakers, bag: coach]

So for this New Years, I decided to go with a simple yet slightly unexpected look. Since I was going to a house party, I couldn't really be all glittery with sequins (well, I could have but I decided to save that outfit for a Vegas trip or something). Instead I wore a plain black tee with a bold colored teal skirt, threw on a plush vest (it's the one I got from my Secret Santa gift exchange with the girls), and added some spotted tights to give the outfit a subtle surprise. Of course to glam it up, I added pieces of gold jewelry. After all, I had to have something sparkly.

And as you can see from the photos, it was really foggy over the weekend! Especially driving in it - I could not see anything beyond 10 feet. It seriously felt like I was driving in a scary movie (like through a dark forest) and something was going to pop out any minute! That was extremely dangerous driving weather and I don't recommend anyone being outside when it's like that. It was a very scary feeling. I may have driven like a turtle but we all got home safe and sound. Better to be safe than sorry - always!

Sending love,

P.S. The plush vest was soooo soft! I felt like a hugable teddy bear. ;)

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