A Traditional Vietnamese Engagement Party


Another week, another engagement party.

Yup, two engagement parties back to back!

This one was for my dear friend Kelly & her fiance Paul.

For her engagement party she wanted to celebrate it the traditional Vietnamese way.

Meaning: the girls wear an ao dai (Vietnamese traditional dress).

Obviously we LOVED the ao dai theme and had a lot of fun taking pictures!

Can you tell from our major photo sess?

What I Wore: custom-made & designed ao dai (Vietnamese traditional dress)

Wearing an ao dai always reminds me of my trips to Vietnam and the loving culture there.

An ao dai has many symbolic meanings to me that I will forever hold dear to my heart.

Sending love,

P.S. Fun fact: I had this ao dai custom-made about 5+ years ago for the Tet (Vietnamese New Year) Pageant (where I won Miss Congeniality) and thank goodness it still fits!

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