Spring, Can You Stay For Just a Little Longer?


Outfit Details: Volcom dress/vest, Steve Madden heels, F21 accessories

Found these long lost pics and thought I'd share! This was when spring was just about beginning. It seems like the perfect season (minus the on-and-off rain) before the hot summer comes.

PLUS, Spring has another celebration: my birthday! Eeks it's coming up this week and I still don't have plans. Maybe that myth of "after you turn 25 you don't really celebrate" is coming true for me...because I used to LOVE planning birthday events and now? Well, it seems to just pass by so fast. There are a couple ideas in mind of what I want to do so I guess we'll just see what actually happens. The new plan? No plan. haha it seems to always work. Pure joy of spontaneity!

Sending love,


  1. Adore that dress :)

    xo Jennifer


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