Wishlist: My Birthday Cravings


This is not any normal Wishlist because it's My Birthday Wishlist! Oh yes, that makes a difference and I must say it's a little more challenging. Why? Well because I usually don't really ask for anything because if I want something, I'd just go get it myself. But for those who just have to get me something, here's a list of my current wants! ;)

Zara high heel sandal with buckles, size 6, brown $89.90

Zara platform sandal, size 6, yellow $99.90

Zara basic sandal, size 6, black $49.90

Zara wide heel sling back, size 6, nude $129

Okay, can you tell I am slightly craving some Zara heels in my shoe closet? Aren't they all so gorgeous? How could anyone pick just one? Hmm if only I had an extra couple hundred dollars lying around to spare...I really want - want - want - want them all! Pretty please birthday fairies? I'd be the happiest birthday girl in town! ;)

Sending love,

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