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My new fav black pumps are by Kelsi Dagger! The insane heel (I think it's 5.5 inches? Or maybe even 6 inches!) definitely gives that extra height that us girls all love. Plus it's classic style makes coordinating these heels with any outfit very possible. I still have to get used to walking in them (an extra half inch to an inch really does make a difference) but no worries, I'm sure I'll have plenty of practice soon enough.

Thanks to the bf's sweet sister for giving me these for my birthday! (Yes, I actually got these back in May but just started wearing them so yeah...) I feel so spoiled this year. <3

Sending love,


  1. oh I just LOVE sexy heels like this with the added platform. always glad to have a bit of extra height haha :) these are so gorgeous and you're so lucky to be gifted them! they seem so versatile too!

  2. thanks so much for your comment!! a great gift indeed , you can't go wrong with classic black pumps!! 5.5 is a little high for me though but it is hard to find shorter heels that aren't a little strange looking sometimes :D thanks for following, following back :D


  3. I love the shoes! I have them in a bronze color. They're definitely a little tricky to walk in, but nothing that we can't break in, right? My husband was the one that got me the shoe. It was my "push" gift when I was 8 months pregnant. Haha! Anyway, love them in black, too!

  4. Pumps are such a necessity! I love these, they look so classy :)

    *Always, Stephanie

  5. such a nice killer heels!!

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