It's Okay to Be Green


Outfit Details: green top, striped skirt, Material Girl sandals, F21 bag/accessories

It may be weird but I am kind of attracted to the color green (even though my fav color is purple). Not sure why green but this color tends to catch my eye, especially when I'm shopping. Maybe cause it's not girly or boy-ish but I like how this color goes well with pretty much anything. Yup, green is the new (temporary) black my friends!

What's funny is when I first saw this top, I thought it was too simple for me because it had no patterns or prints. Yet for some reason I gave it a second look and was then immediately drawn in by the uneven hem line. I saw it and knew it belonged in my closet! Yes, it was one of those "I don't even have to try it on because I already know I want it" purchases lol I'm so guilty of those. Do you get those moments too? 

I justified this "wise" purchase because to this day, I still love this top! So I'm okay, it's an investment now. ;)

Sending love,

Instagram/Twitter Me: @kimbelry_luu


  1. Perfect combinations, classy and good taste!

  2. so fun and summery, you look lovely :)

  3. Perfect combinations, classy and good taste!

  4. Stunning and amazing look.So beautiful and gorgeous outfit.The combination is also looking perfect and having a inspiring look.

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  5. Love the green top, nice choice.

    Thank you for your sweet comment.


  6. Wow... stunning outfit!
    That green is a gorgeous colour and it looks so great on you! I like how you paired it with the stripes :)

  7. Love your outfit!!! Following you on GFC. Hope you will check out my blog and follow if you love it xx



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