Girls Night Out with Claudette Lingerie


My little sisteroos and I celebrated a GNO [aka Girls Night Out] with a fun fashion event at Faire Frou Frou for the launch of Claudette lingerie.

I really liked the decor inside the store - very European glam.

One of my fav FFF lingerie...I have a weakness for all things lace.

Fashion bloggers love Claudette lingerie too! With the fab Cherrie from Chica Cherrie and Marlita from Marlita on the Run :)

Cute colors from Claudette's line - so ready for spring coming up!

Of course I had to try on some of the Claudette pieces to see what it was all about. And guess what? They fit perfectly! No lie. I've never had a bra mold to my body like it was meant to be before and this just meshed together so well. 

Outfit Details: white sheer dress, Jessica Simpson wedges - gifted from the bf (from Valentine's Day), Papers & Peonies accessories

I really really liked the fit of the Claudette bras a lot and highly recommend you trying it on and seeing for yourself. Fit does matter, especially when it comes to undergarments, and Claudette has that all figured out!

***Special THANKS to Faire Frou Frou and the Claudette team for an awesome GNO!
Sending love,

Instagram/Twitter Me: @kimberly_luu

CHECK IT OUT: To find a boutique nearest you carrying Claudette lingerie, click here.

P.S. More pictures from this event are going to be on my Facebook. ;)


  1. gorgeous photos!

    lots of love from the c&p girls,
    casper&pearl blog

  2. Awesome photos, you & your gals all look gorgeous !!!

  3. oo lala! sounds like such a fun GNO!


  4. hi! i hope we can follow each others blog :)) please let me know :))

  5. Fab pictures and lovely ladies :)

    Great dresses !!



  6. Fab the sheer insets!! Perfect for the occasion and the wedges compliments the look!

  7. Beautiful outfit. so sexy! These photos make me miss my girl friends! :)

    Fold Up Flats

  8. Beautiful outfit. so sexy Awesome photos, you & your gals all look gorgeous in this sexy night out dresses


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