[INTERVIEW] Sherry Ratay, Celebrity Hair Colorist


January's Featured Interview is with none other than celebrity hair colorist Sherry Ratay - an internationally acclaimed, award-winning color expert and salon owner. With her 20 years of expertise Sherry has been featured in Vogue, Modern Salon, American Salon and Behind the Chair along with other abroad publications sharing her passion for haircolor.

What makes Sherry stand out?
Sherry Ratay has made a name for herself out of her Salon - Salon Ratay in Orlando, Florida. She has colored the hair of Hollywood Starlets like Audrina Patridge, Lacey Chabert and many more which has lead up to a high demand on her expertise of coloring. Sherry colors the “Ratay Way” which is all about taking in all of the person’s qualities and enhancing them by adding the most important accessory one has - their hair.

Where is Sherry located?
Sherry currently resides in Central Florida where her luxurious salon, Salon Ratay, is located and was named #1 hair colorist by Orlando Magazine. As the Ratay brand develops Sherry also travels bicoastal for her LA clientele.

Sherry's best hair color advice?
When choosing the perfect shade for your hair…it is ALWAYS a must to first understand what would look best with your eye color, skin tone, and of course your existing natural hair texture and haircolor. Just because the TREND says it’s a trend DOES NOT mean that it is a perfect choice for you. Seek your Professional recommendation from your Haircolorist.

Sherry's hair color predictions for 2013?
We can all say that the ombre’ is still alive and happening but what I see happening is my version of the European Ombre’. Which is exactly this….deep dark chocolate shadow on the regrowth with the ends reflecting shades of soft terra cotta, or Raspberry Truffle shadow on the regrowth with the ends reflecting to shades of the Pacific sunset, or even with blondes…..tawny medium blonde on the regrowth with the ends softly taking on the shades like corn silk. Now that’s beautiful sexy haircolor…and I must say touchable!

How to stay up to date with Sherry? 
Follow her on Facebook (Salon Ratay) / Twitter (@sherryratay) / Instagram (@sherryratay), of course!  

Coming up next? My personal hair coloring experience with Sherry Ratay (including pics) will be up shortly so keep an eye out. ;)

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