Hushi Robot Tee + Striped Pants + Luichiny Heels



Outfit Details:
Hushi Robot shirt c/o Shout PR
striped pants
Luichiny heels c/o CLD PR
H&M sunglasses
gifted necklace from the bf
gifted ring & bracelet from Mexico (thanks Moni!)

Remember my post on Spring 2013 Fashion Trends (seen here)? One of the biggest trends this season are black and white stripes, especially the bold looking ones! This print has been spotted on blazers, tops, and even pants. Speaking of which, I really like the striped look on pants. Don't know why but they're kind of fun and funky (aren't they?) and, well, that's just me sometimes.

Another thing: I'm also a dreamer just like the rainbow girl shirt I'm wearing from Hushi Robot, an up-and-coming brand filled with cool graphics tees inspired by the 90's Japanese pop craze. The artistic designs in this collection are unique and, for a moment, I felt like a Japanese rock star (I'm dreaming, I know haha). Hey - sometimes it's nice to step out of your normal everyday life and dream a little and this shirt is a friendly reminder that we are never to old to be dreamers.

Love this handwritten note from the designer of Hushi Robot. How sweet is that? Thanks Hushi!!

Whether you're relaxing and chilling, doing everything or nothing, I hope you're all enjoying this Memorial Day weekend!

Sending love & hugs,

Instagram / Twitter Me: @kimberly_luu

P.S. Want to know something else? I bought these striped pants a couple months ago (before spring started) and finally took pictures in them. Guess fashion forecasting is my side job. ;)

CHECK IT OUT: Hushi Robot 
Twitter: @HushiRobot
Facebook: Hushi Robot
Shop it here: Patricia Field online store


  1. Loved how you took an ordinary T and switched it up with the heels and leggings!
    xoxo Emari


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