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Big news! Kate Bosworth is unleashing a collection for Topshop. A 16-piece lineup filled with flannel shirts, shredded cutouts, crop tees, and flowy skirts with prices ranging from $15-$450. "Our intent was to create fresh, wearable, and effortless festival pieces," said Kate Bosworth on her collaboration with Topshop. This festival inspired line is perfect for Coachella lovers and pretty much anyone since it's so versatile. As a California girl myself, I can totally see wearing these pieces any day of the year.
Did you know? Kate Bosworth was so excited about her Topshop line (including this fabulous laser cut suit) that she even started wearing part of her collection at this past Coachella. Now that is designer love!
What do you think? Are you liking this festival style? I'm really into detailed shorts and long skirts right now so kind of excited to check out the entire Kate Bosworth x Topshop collection once it releases this summer. Yes, this summer!
Can't wait to go shopping again (thanks Kate for giving me another excuse).
Sending love & hugs,
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  1. Ooh, I love the casualness of these pieces! I must check it out when its released since I like festival style but don't own anything festival-y :)


  2. Love her! she is absolutely stunning!

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  3. Great blog! I love everything!

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  4. Ummmm thanks for the 411, I had NO idea this was happening! :)



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