FEATURED ON: LA Fashion Council x ASOS Marketplace [Le Shoppe]


Alana Hale "Elizabeth" one sleeve dress

Alana Hale "Madonna" thigh slit gown

Kristen Dorsey Designs black handmade jewelry

Kristen Dorsey Designs silver handmade jewelry

ISM Mode "Valerie" tank dress

Jenny Dayco gold handmade jewelry 

Have you heard? LA Fashion Council's third season of Le Shoppe is now up on ASOS Marketplace with pieces modeled by yours truly and other blogger fashionistas! Above are photos from some of the amazingly talented #madeinLA brands we got to wear including 8000Nerves, Alana Hale, Gypsy Junkies, ISM Mode, Jenny Dayco, Kristen Dorsey Designs, Linden, Odylyne, and Soldat Tailoring. Seriously though, every piece I wore was an absolute gem. Those Alana Hale dresses were beyond divine and perfect for those ultra glam nights out on the town. When I first saw Kristen Dorsey Designs jewelry, I immediately fell in love with the intricate details and was pretty excited to be wearing them. ISM Mode's line had such a cool, relaxed feel that was comfortable yet also stylish. One of my favorite jewelry brands is Jenny Dayco - her stuff is just so unique, fun, and can be worn with anything!

Big hugs & shoutouts to my fellow fashion bloggers looking super fab in locally-made LA brands!

Zoe ~ 8000Nerves / Annette ~ Linden / Kelly ~ Soldat Tailoring / Kiara ~ Gypsy Junkies / Chanelle ~ Odylyne

Alright, can't stand it and want to add these hot LA designer styles to your closet? Okay, I won't stop you. Go ahead and shop their pieces and more here. Happy shopping!

Sending love & hugs,

Instagram / Twitter Me: @kimberly_luu

P.S. Check out the LAFC x ASOS announcement on RackedLA here. How cool is that? Thanks RackedLA for the mention! :)


  1. You look so beautiful Kimberly! Gorgeous!

    ♥ Stacey

  2. Wow, love those looks, u look beautiful!:)

  3. So beautiful, all very gorgeous looks.

  4. Congrats! Looking great :)

    Please feel free to enter my Daniel Wellington giveaway (here) - you could win yourself a watch worth £200!x

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  5. I love ! Shall we follow? let me know xse

  6. so beautiful! love every look!

  7. you look absolutely stunning!

    Honey & Silk
    a personal style blog of an avid dress collector


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