A Wedding with Vera Wang


Exactly one month ago today, my good friend Alex got married to her high school sweetheart Johnny and it was absolutely beautiful! 

From the church to the reception, there was so much love in the air that you knew you were in the presence of two very happy couple destined to be together. (Kudos to my sisteroo Kaf for capturing this moment!)

To celebrate this special occasion, I wanted to wear a dress that reminded me of weddings and who else would be an expert on wedding dresses but Miss Vera Wang right? When I saw this asymetrical Vera Wang gown in my favorite color and tried it on, it fit p-e-r-f-e-c-t-l-y. Hey, when a sign is a sign, I take it. This Vera Wang dress was meant-to-be worn so I snagged it up right away! As my shopping buddy Jude said, "C'mon it's freaking Vera Wang!"

My handsome date for the night aka "the bf." My little sisteroo Sus caught the flower bouquet and threw it at me. Umm I think she's trying to hint at something. ;)

It is funny though, as we're all getting older, my girlfriends and I keep looking around to see who's next. I think we're at that stage. That wedding stage where everyone will start to get married. haha Not me though - at least not yet (I still have another year of grad school). Until then, I'll enjoy attending weddings.

Outfit Details of what I wore: Vera Wang dress, Sole Society heels (not shown), Ted Baker bangle, lucite triangle ring, gold bow ring, gifted statement necklace from the bf, and a hot shade of NYC pink lipstick (from GUESS event here)

Congratulations Alex + Johnny and happy 1 month of marriage! Wishing you two the best as you grow old together!

"Love is...two people sharing one heart" (stolen from the newspaper clippings that my papabear collects - yes, isn't he so cute?)

Sending love & hugs,

Instagram / Twitter Me: @kimberly_luu


  1. You look amazing Kimberly! Rocking that purple and gold.

    Emily Jenny
    Stiletto Beats


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