According to Kimberly x Penelope's Vintage (part 1)


Penelope's Vintage skirt / coat / sunnies / necklace
Forever21 black tank

My hat goes off to those who are experts at going out and finding rare vintage beauties. I, for one, have learned that I am just not good at that. Lucky for me, though, I am good at online shopping and with the internet, we have access to shop vintage finds at the touch of our fingertips. Makes it so much easier to buy vintage pieces without having to do all the hard work (thanks vintage shop owners!).

Speaking of vintage fashion, I had the awesome opportunity to do a vintage styling collaboration with Chanelle, owner of Penelope's Vintage! On a nice sunny afternoon, I met with the lovely Chanelle and got to pick out pieces from her vintage store, Penelope's Vintage. Above is the first of three looks I styled for this fun collaboration. 
red coat
black velvet skirt
statement necklace
circle sunglasses

Randomly (and fun fact), I was drawn to the leopard detailing on the coat collar and buttons so the outfit revolved around that. Next came the soft velvety skirt which made me think of an office party look. As always, having a good statement necklace can totally complete an outfit and this necklace is a perfect example! My outfit was mostly solid (except for the leopard trimmings) and could have been pretty plain but the statement really changed it up and made it more fancy. Me loves. Plus, how cute are these circle sunnies? Doesn't it remind you of That 70's Show? It kind of has that retro/cool/laid back feel which was exactly my mood that day. And there you have it, a business chic look created from vintage, one-of-a-kind pieces!

Are you craving to add some vintage fashion to your closet? Then check out the Penelope's Vintage store here. Happy shopping and stay tuned for my next 2 looks I styled! ;)

Sending love & hugs,

Instagram / Twitter Me: @kimberly_luu

P.S. Hope everyone had a great Mother's Day! I visited my Mother at the cemetery as per tradition and spent the rest of the day with family. 'Twas a perfect Sunday funday.


  1. love the way you put everything together. :) I love vintage..and your Vince Camuto heels are killer.

  2. Love it! Keep it up Kimberly ! <3

    Stacey Nguyen


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