Marie Claire x GUESS


Last month I was invited to attend the exclusive Marie ClaireGUESS event at South Coast Plaza and my lovely little sisteroos joined in on the fashion fun. This in-store event was fancier than other ones I've gone to. There was a live female dj, a mani station, and a makeover booth! 

Right when you walked in you were greeted with these pink little babies. Any event that offers delicious macaroons upon entrance is a win-win in my book.

Each guess received a mystery key and guess what? Mine happened to open the box! The prize? A $200 Guess gift card - score! I was immediately introduced to personal stylists, Sandra and Brian, and off we went shopping around the store. (It was very sudden and I was still in total shock!)

 Somehow I lost the sisteroos and later found them getting makeovers by NYC cosmetics. Aren't they so cute getting pampered?

Met my fellow OC blogger Jamie from Bijou Minou 

 So I went a little crazy shopping around the dressing room was full of clothes galore.

 Here were my 3 favorite outfits I tried on - which look do you like best?

We ended up coming home with these goodies and new clothes (yay!). Those spring tops were for the little sisteroos ;)

With Stacey from Trendy Outings, my little sisteroos, and the awesome folks from GUESS

Big thanks to everyone who organized the Marie Claire x GUESS event! We all had so much fun and enjoyed this fabulous night of fashion in the OC!

Until next time,

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  1. beautiful photos ;) would you like to follow each other? ;)


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