Minty Blues


Outfit Details:
crochet sheet top
Forever21 blue tank / necklace
thrifted crossbody
Carlos Santana sandals
DIY hand accessory

Hot days like today makes me want to wear as little as possible. Especially with OC temperatures in the scorching 90's, I tend to lean towards loose clothing. This crochet top was the perfect piece to keep cool and let the breeze flow through. 

Finding an airy outfit can be challenging if you're trying to wear layers. To make it more work appropriate (I work in the fashion industry), I wore a blue Forever21 tank top underneath with my mint American Rag high-low skirt. Want to know the real reason how this outfit came about? My shoes. Yup, I said my shoes! Well, sandals to be exact. These multi-colored Carlos Santana sandals was my color inspiration for this entire look. I liked the different shades of blue and how extremely comfy this outfit was. After all, there is nothing wrong with being stylish and comfy!

Hope you're having a great week - it's almost Friday and I can't wait to do some R&R.

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Until next time,

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