Never Enough Sequins with Gypsy Junkies


Outfit Details:
sequin jacket & shorts c/o Gypsy Junkies
 BB Dakota pleated top c/o Shout PR
gifted Marc Jacobs purse from the bf

When I first saw this sequin jacket AND sequin shorts from Gypsy Junkies, I instantly fell in love! I mean, who wouldn't? The sequins upon sequins of neon yellow and orange on the jacket is such a statement piece (seriously got so many compliments on it). As well as the orange-you-glad-it's-orange sequin shorts (again, people loved this) which matched the jacket so perfectly that it was a no-brainer for me to wear the two together. 

Now, usually it would seem like sequin on sequin would be too much going on but, in this case, it wasn't. To balance it out (and prevent it from going overboard), I wore a plain white pleated BB Dakota top with my solid colored Jessica Simpson heels. Carried on the solid theme with my accessories as well. That way, the only pattern in my outfit was my striped jacket. So see? You can never have enough sequins with Gypsy Junkies so pile it on!

{FASHION TIP: sequins can be paired together if they are in the same color range and the rest of the outfit is kept simple}

Hope you enjoyed this beautiful sunny day - I definitely loved every moment of it. :)

Until next time,

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