LAFC's Open Runway Series (pt. 1)


This summer the Los Angeles Fashion Council (LAFC) is bringing something unique to LA. For the first time ever, new and emerging designers have the opportunity to showcase their work in LAFC's Open Runway series at Couture in Hollywood. Missed out on the June show? Don't worry, I got you covered - here are pieces from the 5 designers at Part 1 of the Open Runway series!

D e s i g n e r  # 1  :  S a m a n t h a  E n g

D e s i g n e r  #2  :  T h e  P a u l e t t e s

D e s i g n e r  #3  :  U n d e r c o v e r   L o v e r

D e s i g n e r  #4  :  V e l t i m e r a

D e s i g n e r  #5  :  S a b e l  M a d e

What an amazing show hosted by the fab Kelsi Smith!

Still unsure of what the LAFC's Open Runway series is? Well, think of it as the modern day version of "Project Runway" specifically tailored to barely new and emerging designers. It gives fresh and upcoming new talents a chance to have their work seen which is pretty amazing if you ask me.

Not only did these crafty designers get to show off their collections but they also get a chance to present their designs at LAFC's Spring '14 Collections!

After each Open Runway series, a voting poll is opened for a limited time where the public votes for their favorite designer. After the end of the series, 1 lucky designer will be chosen to showcase their collection at the big event.

Pretty intense and exciting huh? Of course I voted right away for my favorite collection and you can too by clicking here. Hurry, voting ends on July 12th and best of luck to each of the designers!

Last, but not least, it's always a great event with my Blogger Babes Audrey from Notes and Cloth, Tiara from The Dope Girl, and Emily from Emmy J. Be sure to check out the event on their blogs too! :)


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