SEE Eyewear's Grand Opening at Fashion Island


In case you didn't know, there's an awesome new store at Fashion Island! Let me introduce you to SEE Eyewear - a trendy store dedicated to providing countless styles at affordable prices. No wonder it's been voted "Best Eyewear" from coast to coast!
 How cute is this display? I think I need to learn how to do this trick for my own glasses. ;)
 One of the first pairs I tried on that I really really liked! I love the vibrant red color and that their circle sunnies (yup, on my wishlist).
Yummy treats and drinks catered by one of my local OC favorite: Old Vine Cafe. Everything was delicious, as usual. 
How mind boggling is this wall where all sunglasses are only $99?!
We had so much fun sporting these cool SEE glasses ~ there's seriously so many options to choose from!
SEE is about being "hip without the rip" aka providing unique styles without breaking the bank (yay!)
Our cool gift bags from the Grand Opening event + my favorite pair of glasses I found (umm...I need to go back and get it - pronto!).
With SEE founder Richard Golden ~ the creative genius behind all this.
As a person who frequently wears glasses (even as I'm writing this post), it can be a hassle finding a new pair of glasses. Good thing at SEE's, they carry such a huge variety of styles from wood to plastic and cat-eyes to round frames. Not only can they put prescription lens on your glasses but they can also apply a transition coat which I love and totally do this to all my glasses (best thing ever!). Don't wear glasses? Don't worry, all the frames are also available as sunglasses so win-win for everyone!
So if you're in the neighborhood, step inside. You will definitely leave the store with a new pair of happy eyes!

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CHECK IT OUT: SEE Eyewear, 213 Newport Center Dr., Newport Beach, CA. Tel: (949) 629-9099.


  1. ohh..such fun/cute glasses ! looks wonderful!

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