Fashion Event :: Simply Stylist Session at the Americana


A couple months ago I got to attend my very first Simply Stylist session at the Americana (YES this is by the same team who puts together that big Simply Stylist event with all those big name bloggers/stylists/celebrities we've heard about). To be honest, I didn't know what to expect but there was going to be a great panel (*ahem* Chriselle Lim!) so I really wanted to check it out. I grabbed a couple of my blogger gals and off to Glendale we went. And to our surprise, it turned out to be quite a beneficial event - one that I recommend anyone in the blogging business to attend, at least once. Why you ask?

one of the popular s/s 2013 trends: asian-inspired prints

with celebrity stylist Anita Patrickson ~ so sweet, funny, & inspiring!

with Simply Stylist founder Sarah Boyd ~ thanks for organizing a great event!

with fashion blogger/vlogger Chriselle Lim ~ she makes awesome YouTube videos!

The Simply Stylist session is at a smaller level than the usual Simply Stylist events and much more intimate, which I liked. The panel consisted of Anita Patrickson (celebrity stylist), Chriselle Lim (fashion blogger), Alexis Johnson (fashion editor), and Sarah Boyd (founder of Simply Stylist). They talked about spring/summer 2013 fashion trends (which were so on point this season) and how to incorporate the runway looks into your wardrobe. Besides the perks of hearing the panels live in person, there was also a Q&A session. On top of that, there were prizes being given away (say what?!). My blogger babe Stacey won the "Date Night" package (dinner + movie) at the Americana and I won 2 tickets to the Nordstrom grand opening party at the Americana next month - so random but how cool is that? Can't wait to go!

Watch my YouTube video to see more picturesclips, and fashion tips from the event:

NOW GUESS WHAT? There's another Simply Stylist session going on this Thursday, August 29th. Yes, this Thursday as in tomorrow!
I'll be going and space is limited so if you want to join, hurry and grab a ticket here. I'm excited to attend another one these but don't worry, if you can't make it, follow my twitter (@kimberly_luu) for live updates. Or let me know if there's any questions you want me to ask. Thanks!

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