Outfit :: Summertime Sadness


I know it's technically "fall" right now but I must say that I like summer better. The cold weather, people getting sick, and bundling up like an Eskimo is just not my thing. That's probably why I was born in sunny OC during end of spring. It only makes sense right?

{What I Wore} coral top :: lace shorts from Song of Style's Blogger Bazaar event :: Pelle Moda heels/Poppie Jones clutch from DSW :: personal jewelry collection

As the title of my post says, it's "summertime sadness" for me. Not because it's getting cold. Not because I can't go to the beach. Not because I can't go on vacations. Nope. It's still nice and sunny over here in the OC. I'm sad summer is over because that means I'm back to grad school. This is my final year so things are getting busier with more projects but no worries, I haven't forgotten about you! In fact, I have a super awesome giveaway coming up just for my blog readers so stay tuned!

Oh and this outfit? It's my total summer uniform: easy, breezy, casual, and comfy. Sometimes when there's a lot going on (studs, lace, prints), I like to keep the jewelry simple. There needs to be a neutral balance, you know what I mean?

{Fashion tip: Try and stick to a maximum of 3 different textures/prints. Don't overdo it - sometimes less is more.}

More details about my exciting giveaway coming up soon! :)

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  1. Love the Lana reference ;) and the look, of course! Lace / silk is such a great combo xx


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