EVENT RECAP :: Paint the Town Pink


Remember my VIP fashion giveaway for the Paint the Town Pink event HERE? On this lovely evening, I met up with some of my fab blog readers at Los Cerritos Center for their fashion event to spread breast cancer awareness. As some of you may already know, this is a cause that's very near and dear to my heart and proudly support whenever I can. I've gone to many fashion events but it's different when you go to one with a cause - a purpose, shall I say - with a meaningful message...

So, of course I had to wear my pink sparkling bracelet for breast cancer awareness! That's a given. ;)

The night started with guest speakers from a cancer survivor and a doctor from Kaiser Permanente. No matter how many stories I hear, I still get astonished every time I hear someone's incredible journey on how they beat cancer - so inspiring and uplifting!

LOVED these personalized gift bags for my VIP guests!

Then the fashion shows started featuring brands from Macy's, Bebe, New York & Company, Guess, The Limited, Cache, White House / Black Market, & Nordstrom.

Too many stylish looks, it was hard to pick a favorite.

 Then, it happened. This blue plaid overall happened and I knew I found my favorite look of the night. Period. The end.

 Thanks Heather for letting me share this great experience with my awesome readers!

Kudos to Lauren for putting on this amazing production!

 Aren't these girls adorable? And so sweet too! Heart them.

{What I Wore} Forever 21 top/cardy :: white skirt :: Zara heels :: handbag c/o Melie Bianco :: DIY pink sparkling bracelet c/o Kimberly Luu Designs

Just because it isn't October anymore doesn't mean we stop spreading breast cancer awareness. Oh no, no, no! This is an important cause that affects many women in today's society (and more and more as the years go on) so we need to all speak up and continue spreading awareness - not just one month only but - all year long.

Together, we can make a difference. Let's do it.



  1. so bummed I missed this, but FAB recap!!
    <3Amanda | feast.fashion.faves


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